In Memoriam and Dedication appeared in the Program of the Lubbock Arts Festival, April, 2005

In Memoriam

Robert Ellis Patterson (Bobby)


In November of 2004 we lost a rising star in the art world and one of our own young artists, Bobby Patterson. Bobby was a product of this community's nurturing of the arts. As a boy he grew up with the Arts Festival and local opportunities for performance. After active participation in the New York art scene he returned to Dallas and finally Austin where he in turn encouraged new artists to exhibit in his gallery. While still working in New York Bobby was a juried artist in the Fine Arts Gallery for the fifteenth annual Lubbock Arts Festival. The words below written by Bobby:

“People say that I am a romantic, and that I care too deeply about things. I suppose it is true. The things that I care most about are art, love, and my friends and family. I think there is nothing more important.”

These are indeed the values that the Arts Festival stands for. We dedicate this 2005 Lubbock Arts Festival to his memory.

Bobby is survived by his parents, Jeannie and Tommy Patterson of Lubbock; his brother, Eddy Patterson of Austin; and his fianc´┐Że, Kirsten Orr of Austin.